Some folks think magic is ridiculous. But magic be all around us.

– Madam Josephine

From our very beginnings, humans have relied on plants to survive. We eat them, we make them into clothing and shelter, and they even provide the oxygen we breathe. We learned to use their medicinal properties, and then to take it even farther and harness their magical properties.

Plants are living energy. Plant magic uses certain parts of plants – roots, flowers, leaves, bark, seeds – to enhance the intention of your workings with this energy. Our spiritual connections to botanicals have been a part of our rituals over time and across cultures. We cultivate plants for various reasons (from food to flavoring to medicine to magic) and have created a collective body of knowledge about how these plants can help us in various ways.

We brew teas with them, extract oils from them, chew on them, burn them as incense, place them in poppets and mojo bags, mix them into baths, carry sprigs with us, and place them under our pillows. There are many ways to uses botanicals to take advantage of their magical properties.

Some believe the true magic in these botanicals is your belief they will work. Others feel it’s certain properties, like the color, smell, taste, or energy vibrations that make them work. Regardless, when working with them, make sure your intentions put you on the right side.




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