Protection comes in many forms.
– Madam Josephine

Bark is important for protecting the tree from elements like rain, heat, cold and insects. And the inner bark is a pipeline that transports nutrients to the rest of the tree to help keep it alive. These factors make bark a strong protective element in spells and rituals.

Here are some bark types commonly used in magical workings:

Birch – used for purification and protection; cleansing and new beginnings; protects against evil eye
Paperbark (aka tee tree) – associated with death magic; write intentions on the bark; cleansing
Witch Hazel – reduces passions; eases grief of lost love; removes hexes and general negativity
Cascara Sagrada – helps with legal matters; increases your chance of winning in court; draw money and prosperity
Barberry – protects your home or business from enemies; attracts luck, prosperity, and power.
Hawthorn – used in blessings; protection against malevolent spirits; sacred to fairies