Oils & Potions

The last step is fixing the candle with dressing oil. This makes the spell more powerful and seals the magic inside until the candle is burned.

– Madam Josephine

Oils have been used for millennia by healers and shamans in rituals, medicine, and magic. They impact us on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. They bring about change and empower us. They cleanse, protect, and heal.

Oils can be pure essential oils or oils mixed with a specific purpose. They can be used in ointments, lotions, potions, cosmetics, diffused in vapor, or dry evaporation. Charge the oil to boost the powerful energy of the oil with your intention.

Oils can be used for both anointing and dressing. When an oil is used for anointing, it is rubbed on something alive, like yourself, another person, or an animal. An oil used for dressing is rubbed on an inanimate object, like a candle, a mojo bag, or talisman.

Potions are a liquid created with a magical intention. They may or may not incorporate oils. Their power comes from the rituals used to make them, the symbolism of their ingredients, and the energy you direct into them.

They are usually used for drinking or topical use via brews, teas, elixirs, or infusions. But they can also used to anoint your tools, for scrying, or incorporating into other workings.

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