Carrier Oils

Energy is like electricity – ’tis neither positive nor negative.
– Madam Josephine

Many essential oils and herbs can irritate the skin, so they need to be mixed with a carrier oil to dilute them. These vegetable or mineral oils are called carrier oils because they carry the essential oil or herb onto the skin. They do not change the scent of the key ingredients; they just dilute them enough to be used on the skin.

Most magical oils you purchase are a carrier oil mixed with essential oils or herbs.

Here are some oils commonly used as carriers:

Almond oil – a great moisturizer without being greasy; best for money, prosperity, and wisdom mixings
Jojoba oil – a liquid wax good for sensitive skin; best used for healing and love mixings
Grapeseed oil – lightweight and absorbs quickly; best for mixings for money, fertility, and strengthening mental abilities
Olive oil – a healthy, edible oil; best for healing, peace, protection, and fertility mixings
Coconut oil – melts into the skin and is anti-inflammatory; best for protection and purification mixings
Avocado oil – healing as well as moisturizing; best for beauty, love, or lust mixings