Essential Oils

I’ve shown you some traditional tools for amplifying intentions, but sometimes folks are looking for something a little more … subtle.
– Madam Josephine

Essential oils are extracted from plants and capture its scent and flavor. They are the essence of the plant distilled to bring the power of the plant – the gift from the earth – to you. They are the concentrated chemical compounds and magical energies found in the roots, seeds, flowers, and bark.

Essential oils are commonly used for aromatherapy. Their potent aroma fills the senses and provides emotional and health benefits because the sense of smell has a powerful impact on the mind. However, they can also be used in healthcare, beauty treatments, and magic.

They can sooth and ground or energize and renew. They are not meant to be swallowed – instead inhale their aroma or use them on your skin.

Here are some commonly used essential oils:

Lavender – relaxing and calming; used to relive stress; promotes sleep; luck in love
Peppermint – boosts concentration and energy; protection and purification; cleansing and healing
Chamomile – calming and induces inner peace; heightens spiritual awareness; boosts luck and love
Lemon – promotes clarity; cleansing and purifying; healing and rejuvenating
Eucalyptus – promotes balance and healing; invokes calmness; improves concentration
Clove – courage and protection; boosts energy levels; wards off evil; attracts love and luck