Borage brings courage to the heart, and yarrow overcomes fears.
– Madam Josephine

The flower is the life force of a plant. It’s where it produces new life in the form of seeds. The nutrients in a flower that can create life also contain powerful magical attributes. The colors of the petals can also correspond with color magic, like is used with candles, crystals, and the fabrics used to make mojo bags and poppets.

Here are some common flowers and their uses in magical workings:

Borage – draws courage, fortitude, and protection; brings peace to the home; enhances psychic abilities
Yarrow – helps overcome anxiety and makes you brave; enhances clairvoyance; ensures lasting love
Rose – attracts love and romance; strengthens a relationship; breaks a hex or jinx
Chamomile – draws luck and money; aids sleep and relaxation; protection and purification
Lavender – brings good luck in love; sharpens the mind; induces sleep
Rue – used for purification and cleansing; helps with healing; clears the mind and enhances creativity