The energy that fuels the magic.
– Madam Josephine

Seeds encapsulate the power of the entire plant because they carry the blueprint for that plant. They represent the entire circle of life because seeds are the first and last steps in the lifecycle of a plant. We have long revered them because they provide us the gift of life from the plants they produce. There is much magic in a tiny seed due the transformations that occur as it grows. This becomes a metaphor in spells and rituals, like seeds of love, and seeds of doubt, and seeds of inspiration.

Here are some seeds commonly used in magical workings:

Cardamom – brings about good luck in love and relationships; increases eloquence
Oak Acorns – protection and good luck; wards off lightning and evil spirits; increases fertility and creativity
Job’s Tears – for general blessings; to gain your heart’s desire; luck with money and gambling
Black Mustard Seed – confuses enemies; causes people to make poor decisions; seeds of strife and discord
Quince – protection from harm and accidents; ensures happiness for newlyweds
Caraway – protection against negativity and evil spirits, especially for children; good luck in health; used in love spells