Mojo Bags

These powerful charms have been called many names in many cultures. Mojo hands. Charm bags. Prayer pouches. Gris-gris bags. Never mind what you call them, what they are is a spell in a bag. A hex you can carry with you.

– Madam Josephine

Mojo bags contain a mix of items like herbs, roots, crystals, minerals, animal parts, graveyard dirt, oils, and other items of spiritual value. Each item must have a specific purpose in the working and support the overall intent.

For the bag itself, ’tis best to use flannel. Match the color to the goal, just like with the candles.

Now you don’t just dump the ingredients in a bag and be on your merry way. Each maker has their own special ritual for creating a bag. It might involve prayer or chanting or sigils, but the key is clearly visualizing the intent as you place each item.

These charmed amulets should have at least three items, but no more than thirteen. Odd numbers are best.

Now gently blow into the bag to breathe life into the talisman.

Gather the edges and tie it together while saying, “With these knots, I bind you to this purpose.”

When you get a spelled bag, keep it close. Wear it ’round your neck or keep it in your pocket or purse. Maybe even sleep with it under your pillow.

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