For the bag itself, ’tis best to use flannel.
– Madam Josephine

Creating the base of the mojo bag by hand enhances your connection to the magical working. You can sew the bag together and add your own drawstring. Or you can spread out a five-inch square of material, add the items to the middle, and then gather the edges up and tie them together with twine.

The most common material used to make mojo bag is flannel. Leather, silk, hemp, or felt might be used, but flannel is traditional.

Some practitioners prefer to use red flannel no matter the goal of the mojo bag. But others prefer to select a color of flannel that matches the intentions.

Red: A fiery color rooted in the physical world. Red is used for love, passion, energy, and courage.

Orange: An aggressive color that brings about instant and profound change. Use orange for energy, strength, and stamina, as well as for matters involving justice and the law.

Yellow: The color associated with powers of the mind. Use yellow for creativity, concentration, logic, and communication.

Green: The color of growth and prosperity that reflects the power of nature and Mother Earth. Use green for money, luck, health, and success in business or gambling.

Blue: A color for harmony and emotional healing. Blue can be used for peace, loyalty, devotion, and for truth and seeking justice.

Purple: The color for power and spiritual awakening. Use purple to enhance psychic powers and for workings dealing with ambition, mastery, and control.

White: A color for peace, truth, and purity. Use white for cleansing, purification, and new beginnings.

Black: A powerful color used for protection, mourning, and absorbing negative energies.