Magical Tools

While intention is powerful, tools can help amplify it.

– Madam Josephine

All you truly need to perform a magical working is your intention. But the various magical traditions utilize a variety of magical items and tools to help focus intent. Certain items can assist with connecting to the spiritual forces within you. These tools improve concentration, direct your energy, and help you work spells and rituals. The right set of tools can make you more disciplined and focused.

Some tools are symbolic, while others are also practical. Seek out the ones that feel right to you. You can purchase magical tools, repurpose objects you already own, or even make them using materials close to nature.

Remember that these items do not have magical powers on their own. They are conduits of your power. A way to focus and amplify your intention.

Research the various items and tools. Understand how they are used and the meaning behind them. Learn how to cleanse and prepare them. Then select the ones that feel most comfortable for how you want to practice.

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