Focus on your desire or goal. Be clear and specific.
– Madam Josephine

Runes are used for inner guidance, connecting to your higher self, and tapping into intuition. The word Rune means “a secret” or “to whisper.”

The symbols themselves are the alphabet of ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes. There are 24 letters. Each letter has collected a variety of meanings and symbolisms over the centuries. Each rune represents a natural force or type of energy.

For example, the first letter is Fehu, which means cattle/wealth. It can mean good luck, hope, financial success, and prosperity.

Runes are usually carved into wood or stone, but they can also be made of crystals, bone, or metal.

There are a variety of ways to cast runes and many types of rune layouts. Interpreting the symbol meanings can depend on if they are upside-down or facedown or close or touching. Read guidance from others, practice, and listen to your intuition.