Tools I’m happy to provide … for a price.
– Madam Josephine

When working magic, you’ll need places to store your materials, places to do the mixing, and places to store what you’ve made.

Cauldron – A large metal pot usually made of iron or copper. Use it for burning incense or candles, for blending herbs and making potions, or fill it with water and use for scrying.

Chalice – It represents the element of water and can be made of metal, pottery, glass, or wood. It can be used to store liquids for a working or to serve a potion when it is finished.

Crucible – A container used for melting things at high temperature, usually made of ceramic or metal.

Mortar and pestle – The mortar is bowl shaped, and the pestle is club shaped. They are used to crush and grind herbs and other ingredients.

Cupboards, trunks, other storage – As you collect tools and ingredients, figure out how to store them in a way to keep them organized and easy to access what you need. But also in a way that keeps them purified and safe.