Clear your mind. Connect to the power of the earth below and the air above.
– Madam Josephine

We’ve used salt to season our food since ancient times, but it is a key component of many magical workings. It signifies the element earth on an altar. It represents prosperity and protection. It can be poured across openings to create a magical barrier or used to form a protective circle during magical workings. It absorbs negative energy and is used for cleansing.

There are various types of salts, which can be used in different ways in workings:

Sea salt – caries the power of water; purifying, protective; helps in dealing with emotions and cleansing negative feelings
Himalayan salt – the pink color comes from iron; opens your third eye, protection when spiritually traveling; romantic properties
Black salt – also known as Witch’s Salt; made from mixing salt with ashes or charcoal; used for protection and in banishing spells
Celtic salt – wet salt from the coasts of France; trace minerals give it a gray color; nourishes the body and adds magical intent
Kosher salt – blessed by a Jewish rabbi; large and flaky; used to quickly draw out or absorb negativity
Table salt – heavily processed and finely ground; least expensive and flows freely so used for home and sacred space cleansing and rituals