Add High John the Conqueror Root to draw strength and courage.
– Madam Josephine

Roots are the foundation of a plant. They provide the nutrients from mother earth. This concentration of energy from the earth makes roots especially magical.

Using roots is such a big part of the workings and rituals practiced by Southern conjurers that they are called Root Doctors and they are said to be “working roots.” Rootwork has become a synonym for hoodoo in the South.

Here are some roots commonly used in magical workings:

High John the Conqueror Root – draws luck, power, and strength; removes obstacles; boosts other potions
Bloodroot – breaks hexes; promotes family harmony; increases passion
Licorice Root – helps gain power over others; change someone’s mind
Ginger Root – draws adventure; adds speed and power to other spells; promotes sensuality
Mandrake Root – protection and prosperity; binds your love to you; brings money
Angelica Root – wards off illness and evil; aids in healing; increases luck