Add dried thyme, which the ancient Romans believed was a source of bravery.
– Madam Josephine

Herbs are often a catch-all term for many parts of plants used for medicinal or spiritual purposes. Here we are referring to plants with savory or aromatic properties. Their fragrant aromas are often used for cleansing and generating spiritual experiences. Not only do they make food taste better, but herbs can be used in a variety of ways to boost the intention of a working.

Here are some common herbs and their uses in magical workings:

Thyme – stops nightmares; gives courage; attracts good health
Sage – protects and purifies; enhances wisdom
Rosemary – wards off evil; brings good luck; used in love spells
Basil – represents abundance, wealth, and luck; brings love into your life
Dill – increases passion; breaks jinxes
Oregano – wards off annoying people; keeps the law away