You must be clear and specific with your intentions.
– Madam Josephine

Leaves turn light energy into food for the plant. The leaves also breathe for the plant. These abilities help the plant stay healthy and grow. These aspects of leaves also make them especially strong in spells and rituals that increase positive aspects.

Here are some leaves commonly used in magical workings:

Mugwort – increases psychic abilities; used to cleanse crystals; protection for travelers
Patchouli – associated with love, passion, and relationships; draws money to you
Eucalyptus – wards off evil; breaks bad habits; treats illness
Parsley – protects food from poison; increases strength, vitality, and fertility; communicate with the dead
Violet – attracts love; calms nerves; useful in protection spells
Comfrey – brings in money; protects travelers; useful in stability and endurance spells