Magic is all around us.
– Madam Josephine

Berries ripen and their flesh surrounds the seeds within. They not only protect the seeds, but they help spread them. The flesh can be sweet or sour, and it can nourish or poison. Berries come in a variety colors that correspond with color magic, similar to candles, crystals, and the fabrics used to make mojo bags and poppets.

Here are some berries commonly used in magical workings:

Juniper – protects against theft; expels negative energies; attracts a lover
Mistletoe – Attracts love; increases fertility; keeps away evil
Elderberry – physical and spiritual protection; boosts immune system; enhances intuition
Blackberry – draws abundance and prosperity; boosts healing; wards off evil
Blueberry – keeps out intruders and evil; protects from psychic and emotional harm; strengthens your aura
Rosehips – draws general good luck; brings peace and calm; attracts love