Stuffing Materials

The strongest taglocks are locks of hair, nail clippings, and bodily fluids.
– Madam Josephine

If you’re making a cloth poppet, sew together the structure but leave an opening where you can stuff it. It’s better to use natural material, like Spanish moss or cotton. You can also use straw or feathers. Rags, paper, cotton balls, batting, polyfill, and old pantyhose will also work.

Make sure to push the stuffing into all the various nooks and crannies so the arms, legs, and head are filled in to make it look like a person.

After the form is filled out, you can add other items to boost your intentions. You can add crystals that match the goal of the working. You can also add herbs associated with the intent. For example, if the poppet is to help with healing, add the herbs that would treat the sickness. You can also add other items that boost intentions, like coins or a dollar for a money spell.

Then the most important item to stuff inside is the taglock, which creates the magical link. It is a personal item from the target. The strongest taglocks are from the body like hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids. Although a business card or photograph will work, too.

Once you’ve stuffed everything inside, sew up the opening, so the poppet is completely shut.